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Kenneth Eng (Vancouver)

Hi, I'm Kenneth Eng. Welcome to my profile!

Kenneth Eng (Vancouver)'s Bio:

Kenneth Eng is a Canadian professional with over 15 years of executive management  experience. A resident of British Columbia, Mr. Eng earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1993 from the University of British Columbia. It was at university where Mr. Eng began to learn such key management skills as budget monitoring and administration, team building and mentoring, and regulatory compliance management, all skills that he carried with him as he began his first management position at Fraser Academy in 1999. 

Fraser Academy is a private school based in Vancouver that teaches students who show learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. Here, Mr. Eng served as a Business Manager, a role which allowed him to fulfill a number of accomplishments, including reducing the cost of the school’s departments by 20% and implementing a bursary program for underprivileged families.

Mr. Eng’s tenure at Fraser Academy strengthened his executive management skills and it paved a road for his next management opportunity at The David Suzuki Foundation. The David Suzuki Foundation is a notable environmental organization that seeks, among other things, to establish improved environmental rights and accelerate the process of re-connecting Canadians with their natural environment. In 2006, Mr. Eng joined the foundation as Director of Finance and Administration. Bringing his management talents to the foundation, in the four years that Mr. Eng served at the organization, he successfully executed a number of developments. He balanced a budget of $10 million dollars every fiscal year; he supervised the scrubbing of organization audits, thus helping save the foundation approximately $75,000 dollars annually; and Mr. Eng facilitated an increase in communication between project managers and other members of the staff.

Mr. Eng’s work at the foundation was not the only highlight of his career at this time. Beginning in 2006, Mr. Eng also began serving as a self-employed management consultant, a significant client being Vancouver retailer, Second Wave Sports Company. In a three-year contract with the company, Mr. Eng successfully reduced shrinkage by $10,000 annually and saved 15% in the company’s tax owings.

This consulting experience, as well as his executive management experience, served  perfectly for Mr. Eng’s next leadership opportunity, which was at North Shore Disability Resource Centre. Mr. Eng served as Director of Finance and Operations for the centre and its thirteen locations, a position that allowed him to further fine-tune his management and quality control skills. 

Mr. Eng’s management experience has given him a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and has also provided him a prime opportunity to pursue his consulting work on a more full-time basis. Today, in addition to continuing his management consultant work, Mr. Eng is also working to complete his Masters in Business Administration at Heriot Watt University, Scotland, United Kingdom. When not working or studying, Mr. Eng loves spending time with his family, attending church at Broadway Church in Vancouver, and satisfying his love of move trivia. Mr. Eng also has a cat named Pretty Girl (“PG”, for short), which he adores.

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